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Meet Michael Becker

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Decades of experience in birth injury, medical malpractice, and personal injury litigation

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Our Team of Birth Injury Attorneys

Experience You Can Trust

The attorneys of the Becker Law Firm, L.P.A., in the Cleveland, Ohio, area have decades of experience in birth injury, medical malpractice and personal injury litigation and a history of achieving positive outcomes for clients.

Michael F. Becker

Michael F. Becker has practiced in birth injury litigation for more than 30 years. He is certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, and was inducted into the Inner Circle of Advocates as one of the top 100 injury lawyers in the United States for his achievements and contributions to the profession.

Patty Cuthbertson

Patty Cuthbertson is a great addition to the team at The Becker Law Firm. As a team member her primary role is to review and analyze medical and surgical negligience claims and offer research assistance for medical malpractice cases currently in litigation.

David W. Skall

David’s interest helping medical malpractice and personal injury victims started early in life when his mother passed of breast cancer. Aside from deep sadness, his family felt that her doctor made mistakes and should have detected her cancer earlier. The event got him thinking about what the doctor should have done and, more importantly, all that his mom and family lost from the mistake. 

Holly M. Moore

Holly is certified in Inpatient Obstetric Nursing and holds a certificate of added qualification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring. This, in addition to her medical background, gives her a unique perspective in assisting in the representation of medical malpractice claims.

Romney Cullers

Romney Cullers is an experienced trial lawyer, trying complex cases in Ohio for over 25 years.  He has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in medical malpractice cases, including many on behalf of the families of children catastrophically injured during childbirth. In 2016, he obtained a settlement of $60,700,000.00 on behalf of a 16-year-old girl severely injured by a down power line.  It is the largest settlement in Ohio history for injuries to an individual plaintiff.