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    Wrongful Death or Catastrophic Injuries of Adults and Children from Negligence, Malpractice or Other Misconduct.

    Representing Kids is Our Passion...
    Justice and Protection for Their Future is Our Mission.

    Birth Injury & Wrongful Death Verdicts,
    Judgments & Settlements
  2. Class Action Settlement Against
    Anthem Insurance Company

    $90 Million

  3. Failure to Timely Deliver Newborn
    Results in Catastrophic Brain Damage

    Judgment $25.5 Million

    read more

  4. Failure to Manage Preclampsia, This Lead to
    Eclamptic Siezure with Placenta Abruption

    Judgment $18.9 Million

    read more

  5. Failure to Monitor a High Risk Pregnancy -
    Lack of Fetal Monitoring Caused Fetal Distress

    Verdict $15.9 Million

    read more

  6. Brain Injury from a Truck Accident

    $8.5 Million Settlement

  7. Uniquely Qualified for Birth Injury Cases

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Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorneys

The Ohio Medical Malpractice Law Firm to Turn to for Answers and Action

The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at The Becker Law Firm practice throughout the state of Ohio.  Our lawyers represent individuals and families dealing with the emotional and financial consequences of medical malpractice, birth injury, and other catastrophic injuries caused by medical negligence.

Our attorneys have helped hundreds of families through our legal practice obtain financial compensation for birth injuries caused by medical malpractice, from failure to prevent birth asphyxia to brachial plexus injuries caused by improper management of shoulder dystocia. We are known for taking on challenging cases and obtaining significant — in some cases record-setting — results for our clients. In addition to birth injury claims, we represent clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death caused by negligence.

Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced Ohio birth injury attorneys.

Answering Injury, Accident, & Malpractice "What If" Questions

When someone has suffered a brain injury or other serious injury or death, family members are haunted by the "what if" questions. We help get your questions answered. In many cases, we find that the injury or death could have been prevented if the doctors or hospital staff had followed standard procedures designed to keep patients safe.

Action That Improves Lives

Our attorneys fight to compensate parents for the emotional and financial burden of caring for a child with special needs or the heartbreak of losing a baby. Our efforts have helped to reveal negligent conduct in prenatal care, management of labor and childbirth, and negligence in neonatal care. We also fight to gain compensation for people who suffered life-altering injuries caused by medical malpractice and other forms of negligence, as well as the survivors of those who died a wrongful death.

Contact Our Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Our attorneys do this work because we care about our clients and a just verdict or settlement will make a positive difference in their lives. Please contact us by e-mail or call (440) 323-7070 to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experienced Ohio medical malpractice attorneys.

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http://www.ohio-birthinjurylawyers.com 440-372-0810 The Becker Law Firm is a medical malpractice firm located in Cleveland and Elyria, Ohio. Contact the firm today for representation.

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